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Garden in a carton

Building a better environment for a better tomorrow

Welcome to Garden in a carton. We have designed and created exactly what our company name represents.
Seedling starting containers with a lovely plant, herb or vegetable seedling of you choice. All ready to go into you lovely garden and see it grow!

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More About Us

Garden in a carton is a group of year 13 students from Al-Madinah School who aims to solve the issue of landfill waste and prices of common herbs and veggies by producing sustainable, organic biodegradable and environmentally friendly solutions for seedling starters. In doing so we are promoting sustainable agricultural methods for a better tomorrow.  We are committed to producing 100% sustainable products to further increase the production of organic and sustainable plants to promote sustainable plantations.

Our business is proudly opened under Yes Enterprise Scheme 2022.

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Vision and Mission

What makes us what we are

The vision -

To produce seedling starting containers by giving a better value to toilet rolls in people's lives with a variety of plants including vegetables and herbs planted.  

The Mission-

To bring awareness about the world’s collective waste and ways it could be brought to a minimum. Through upcycling we are increasing sustainability and producing plant starters from biodegradable toilet rolls which are free of expense and waste on the environment, eventually reducing our carbon footprint by reducing plastic. This will be accomplished by using batch production of organic seedlings including herbs, veggies and plants in a biodegradable seed starter.

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Meet the team

Who We Are

the team behind all the hard work to bring about a better tomorrow.

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Thinking about the planet before the product

To us saving the planet comes first.

Before even creating a product that will be sold in teh near future. Our team has extensively thought to create something that will benefit the environment and the people. Through upcycling methods being incorporated into our methods of production we chose to use recyclable, biodegrable unsused toilets to something people could create a means out of production. 

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YES Enterprise

The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is an programme designed for year 12-13 students in New Zealand, and provides us with the opportunity to set up and run our own business.

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